Carbon Build-Up

Ever wanted to know what that Carbon Build-Up is all about?

We all love to keep our MINIs clean and looking their best both inside and out, but how about the bits you can’t see? Ever experienced reduced power or hard starting? There could be many reasons why, but one commonly overlooked maintenance tasksĀ on the R56 and F56 MINIs is how important regular oil changes are and the occasional carbon clean.

With the move from the R53 supercharged engine to the turbo charged R56 engine BMW also moved to direct injection. This is where the fuel is squirted directly into the cylinder rather than squirting into the intake. This means in the R56 your valves don’t get the regular cleaning they would have received if the fuel is squirted into the intake, as on the R53.

A lack of cleaning and the engine directing oil vapours into the intake for reduced emissions results in a slow build up of oil and carbon sludge inside the intake of your engine.

Check out a great article from the AMC Service Team here about what is really going on, and keep an eye out for ClubMINI carbon cleaning days to book in and get your MINI running its best.