MINI finally goes all electric

It was only a matter of time before the MINI went completely electric. It’s not the first time, but now BMW have committed to an all electric MINI you can actually own.

Back in 2003, for the filming of the remake of The Italian Job, the producers converted two MINI Coopers (R50) and one Cooper S (R53) to be 100% electric. The cars were built for the scene where they drive into the actual Los Angeles Union Station and had to be all electric so that no dangerous exhaust fumes were released into the subway.

Things got real in 2008 when MINI released a fleet of MINI E (R56) all electric cars, however they were only available for lease.

Now BMW has committed to adding an all electric MINI to the menu based on the F56 3 door hatch. This will be the first electric MINI you can actually own. Given the constant improvements BMW has been making with the BMW i3 we can be pretty confident it will be another great MINI.

Check out the press release here.