No Clubman All4 for Aus?

Australia won’t get the All4 version of the new MINI Cooper S Clubman.

Ever since the R53 Mini Cooper S JCW was released with 200hp enthusiasts have been lusting after one thing – traction. So close, yet so far.

When the all new MINI was launched back in 2001 it immediately set a high bar in handling and performance for a small hatch. The standard MINI offered from day 1 the solid, stable car we all love to drive. A big part of this is putting big horsepower to the ground effortlessly, leading to big smiles on the faces of Cooper S owners with their 180hp supercharged engines.

Once JCW started pushing this number ever higher there comes a time those tortured front tyres throw in the towel and the wheels simply start spinning. Traction control, fancy differentials, sticky semi-slick tyres… they help … but what the MINI has always needed to handle even more horsepower? All Wheel Drive!

Along came the 4 door Countryman and 2-door Paceman. With All4 AWD there was much rejoicing! Until they discovered it was in auto only. But then people thought how soon until we see the JCW All4 hatch? Much drooling later and the team at MINI have finally delivered….

The 2016 Mini Cooper S All4.

There was much rejoicing! Until they discovered it wasn’t to be released in Australia. There was less rejoicing! It will still see the light of day in Europe and the US but not here. Car Advice reports here that BMW Aus has no intention of bringing any here, but now we know the car exists, how soon until people start swapping bits to make their own?