Pushing the Limits

Beyond enjoying the thrill of driving your MINI, some take it to the extreme on the track. ClubMINI is a CAMS affiliated car club giving members the chance to enter a range of events.

When it comes to motorsport we’ve all seen F1, Australian Supercars, and some may have been lucky enough to see the MINI Challenge screaming around racetracks. Most don’t get the chance to find out about the smaller events that are happening on any given Sunday.

Here in Australia the two main governing bodies are CAMS and the AASA. ClubMINI members can already use their membership to enter CAMS multi-club, state, national and international events.

So what events are there?

The Gentler Events

Often called non-speed events, these are more about car control than outright speed. Generally there is very little you need in the way of safety equipment besides what our cars already have.

Motorkhana Drive a tight course in an open car park marked with traffic cones or markers. No safety gear needed.  
Khanacross / Gymkhana A step up where a course is laid out on a permanent course but motorkhana style obstacles are used to keep the speeds down. You’ll need a helmet and an extinguisher in your car at the very least.
Track Cruise / Happy Laps These are a chance to do some leisurely laps of a racetrack with other enthusiasts. They are not timed and will often have official cars on track to control your speeds. Most of the time you won’t need any additional safety gear as they won’t let you go flat out.  

Starting to get exciting

By the time you get to Speed events it’s all about going as fast as you can. Speed events involve one or a small number of cars at a time and never involves actual door to door racing. Get ready to invest in safety gear for these events.

Hill Climbs Here’s your chance to run up a short hill as fast as you can. One car at a time.  
Sprints & Time Attack Held on a track or on a closed temporary circuit there will be a number of cars on track but it’s all about who sets the fastest single lap. Find some space and pretend like you’re Hamilton or Vettel for a lap.
Drag Racing / Roll Racing Off street legal drag races are all about horsepower. Either a standing start (or a rolling start for roll racing) try to get to the finish line as fast as you can. You’ll only need a helmet and extinguisher until your car starts getting really quick.

Absolutely Flat Out

Now we’re at the top end of racing. Here you’ll only find purpose built race cars and you’ll need the same safety gear you see your racing heroes wearing. Usually full flameproof suits, helmets, extinguishers, harnesses and roll cages. This is where the real racing happens.


Rally These events are all about location, location, location. The course will run on public roads in a loop through the country side. Obeying the road rules until they reach the closed off “special stages”, the drivers will then go at 2 minute intervals and race the clock to find the winner.  
Circuit Race On the race track is where all the great battles happen. This is door to door circuit racing involving practice sessions, qualifying, and finally the races! There are many categories from production cars all the way to open wheeler formula cars.

If you’ve made it this far then you might want to look into entering some events. Keep an eye out for CAMS, AASA events as well as days hosted by Queensland Raceways.