Stamp your mark

We all love our MINIs and best of all there are all sorts of ways to make yours truly unique. Check out some of the aftermarket suppliers that have every bit of bling you can think of.

Forget the never ending list of factory options when ordering your MINI, the list of extras you can add after delivery is truly mind blowing. Best of all there are some aftermarket companies run by fellow MINIacs that share the same love of their cars. Here’s just a few to choose from and feel free to email us here if there’s any you think we’ve missed.


Go Badges still set the benchmark for the best grille badges in the business. Their range is growing all the time, and they also do custom badges from your own artwork. Check out their extended range of other accessories you can add to your MINI. They’ve recently celebrated 7 years in the business and hopefully we’ll keep seeing great things from them.


Everyone loves the look of carbon. If you’re looking at giving your MINI that performance look, CarbonMini are true MINI enthusiasts, and you’ll see them posting regularly on social media. They do great quality parts for all generations of the new MINI.



For those that want to go fast there’s always options. Getting it right takes someone who knows what they’re doing with your precious MINI. One of the best in the business is RMW. Take a look at some of the tasty upgrades on offer.