The new Countryman is coming… with some surprises!

The air is electric with anticipation of the 2017 Mini Countryman. Already spotted in less than subtle camouflage, there are now some unofficial details about the upcoming lineup. There are the usual improvements and refinements that come with the new model. More interesting is the possibility of new technology from the BMW lineup being brought into the new MINI Countryman.

Under the skin the current “F56” hatches, Clubman and cabrio are all based on an updated version of the current¬†Countryman, so the new Countryman will see more of the same evolution. It will be wider and longer than the current Countryman, and it’s almost a given that it will be available in 2WD and All4 4WD models.

Excitingly, there will be a third option – a plug in hybrid model. Rumoured to be based on the 1.5 litre MINI Cooper three cylinder engine with electric hybrid system, lifted straight from the BMW i8 supercar, it will offer a new option never before seen in the MINI lineup.

Check out the report from MotoringFile here to get all the latest info. And just to keep you salivating, here’s a recent spy photo from AutoBild.