Thinking of getting a face lift?

We all love making our MINIs perfectly ours. To truly customise your MINI you can always go as far as replacing the very gauges that greet you every drive.

This job is not for the faint hearted. Getting to the faces requires tools, know how, and maybe a little bit of black magic. If you’re keen then there are some impressive after market companies making replacement overlays in any style you want.

Once you’ve found your design and have them in your hot little hands, now what? The bad news is this isn’t the sort of mod your dealership will be likely to do. So, time to grab some tools and pray to the automotive maintenance gods.

Thanks to our friends at MINI Art we have some instructions for you. These should form a good guide and help you on your way. Just remember you’re taking your MINI’s well being into your own hands so make sure you know what you’re doing (and maybe make sure you have a spare MINI to drive while you’re fixing it!)

>> R56 MINI Instructions (PDF 25MB) Tacho Gauge Face Replacement – R56 ENG

And for the speedometer, sit back and watch how it’s done.